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Caregivers and the Loaner’s Closet are relocated at 1 B Commons Drive #10 Londonderry, NH 03053.

Our Story
Who Donates Equipment
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Who Can Borrow?
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What You Can Borrow
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Our story

The Loaner’s Closet was started in 2003 when we saw the need, among the low-income elderly and disabled individuals we serve, for common medical items that they could not afford or were not readily available to them.  And because we work with the elderly and disabled, we were often offered used medical equipment by former clients and their families when that equipment was no longer needed.   The Closet,  which started as a small collection in our back office, moved to a vacant room upstairs in 2004 and then to its present home in a larger room in the same building in 2009. We currently have nearly 5,000 pieces of equipment available or out on loan.

Who Donates Equipment

Our biggest sources of equipment are deceased individuals and their families. We also receive equipment from estate sales, adult daycare facilities, nursing homes, retail stores and thrift stores.

Do you arrange to pickup donated items?

Please call the office directly, 432-0877, to find out if we are able to pick up the items you would like to donate.  We handle requests on a case-by-case basis depending on the need of the particular item(s), availability and distance from office, flexibility and amount.  Please do not assume we can pick up items unless you speak to a staff member.

Who Can Borrow?

We loan out equipment primarily to individuals. We also have a network of local healthcare professionals, occupational and physical therapists and visiting nurses who borrow equipment for their clients. Although we have no geographic restrictions, most of our borrowers come from New Hampshire.  All equipment loans are free of charge. We ask the item be returned to us when no longer needed.  Each new borrower is sent home with an introduction and remittance envelope, in hopes one day they can donate.

How It Works

Each item donated has been evaluated, accepted, cleaned, logged into our inventory and finally placed in our storage room.  A potential borrower needs only call or come in to inquire if their desired item is available.   If the equipment is not available, we put the individual on a waitlist for that item and contact them when the item is back in stock.

What We Require from Borrowers

Borrowers are required to fill out a simple Loaner’s Agreement and Lease with the borrower’s name and contact information, and the number and description of the item borrowed.  We do ask that the items be returned when no longer needed, so they can be lent to others on our waitlist.  For example, some borrowers loan out a transport wheelchair for just one day while other borrowers will loan out a bath seat for 2 years.

Our Contact Information

Monday-Friday, 9AM -3PM.    603-432-0877
Donna Kluk, Loaner’s Closet Coordinator

How We Are Funded

Community Caregivers of Greater Derry and the Loaner’s Closet have a diverse funding portfolio comprised of individual donations from borrowers, funding from the towns we service, United Way allocations, private grants and fundraising events such as our well- known Potter’s Bowl.  We get no funding from the State of New Hampshire, federal government or insurance companies to operate the Loaner’s Closet.

Our Recent Partners

Our Funding Partners:

  • Building 15, $500, April 2012
  • Anonymous, $2,000, May 2012
  • Doris L. Benz Trust, $5,000, June 2012
  • McIninch Foundation, $2,500, June 2012
  • Anonymous, $2,000, May 2012
  • Doris L. Benz Trust, $5,000, June 2013
  • Bishops Fund, $1,000, October 2013
  • Mary Louise Billings, $5,000, November 2013
  • NH Charitable Foundation, $5,000, December 2013
  • Anonymous, $2,000, May 2014
  • Doris L. Benz Trust, $5,000, June 2014
  • McIninch Foundation, $5,000, June 2014
  • Bishops Fund, $1,000, October 2014
  • Mary Louise Billings, $5,000, October 2014
  • Ramlose Foundation, $2,500, October 2014
  • Oleonda Jameson Trust, $5,000, February 2015
  • Anonymous, $2,000, May 2015
  • Doris L. Benz Trust, $5,000, May 2015
  • Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield Foundation, $5,000, June 2015
  • Santander Bank Foundation, $2,500, August 2015
  • Ramlose Foundation, $1,500, October 2015
  • Getz Charitable Trust, $5,000, November 2015
  • Eventide Home Foundation, $5,000, January 2016

2015 Funding Partners:

Caregivers Staff and Board of Directors work hard to be good stewards of any foundation funding that we are fortunate to receive. During 2015, we were able to raise $26,000 out of the $30,000 necessary to operate The Loaner’s Closet through grants.

The additional funding required to operate this program was provided by donors to our 2015 Annual Appeal. Thank you all!

What the Closet Looks Like


What you can borrow

A wide variety of equipment; typical items are listed below but are not limited to:

  • Adult taped diapers – depends and Chux pads
  • Ankle and leg boots
  • Bariatric equipment – wheelchairs, commodes, walkers, rollators
  • Bed assist rail
  • Bed pans
  • Bed trays
  • Blood pressure kits
  • Canes and quad canes
  • Commode – toilet Versa frames and raised toilet seats w/o bars
  • Cryo cuff with cooler
  • Crutches and Lofstrand crutches
  • Cushions
  • Dressing sticks – grabbers/reachers
  • Gait belts
  • Hemi walkers – walkers – walker baskets and walker trays
  • Knee scooters
  • Oxygen tank holders
  • Raised toilet seats
  • Shower chairs, shower stools (with no back) and transfer tub benches
  • Sliding/transfer boards
  • Sock aids
  • Step stools
  • Transport wheelchairs and regular wheelchairs

 How We Deal with & Accept Large Items  

We are not able to stock large items (hospital beds, electric wheelchairs or scooters, Hoyer lifts) because of limited storage capability. We do keep an up-to-date list of available items along with contact information of the current holder of such an item, which we pass on to those interested; they will then need to contact and make arrangements to view, pick up and remove such items.

How We Handle Disposable/Consumable Items?

We often have and accept (opened and unopened packages) adult tape diapers and pullups, Depends™, Chux pads™, Tena pads™, etc.  We also often have nutritional supplement drinks and feeding tube liquids available and accept them when still in code.

What We Are Not Allowed to Stock or Distribute

CPA/BPAP machines, nebulizers, oxygen concentrators, oxygen tanks, tubing, needles, medication, medical supplies or basically anything that goes into or pierces the body. Please call if you are unsure of any item not listed to loan or donate.

What if I Break a Piece of Equipment on Loan to Me?

No problem;  just notify us as to the severity of the break and we will instruct you whether we would like it returned for parts or whether you can just dispose of it yourself.  We need only to know the inventory number on the yellow tag to mark it as damaged or discarded in our database.

Are donations Tax Deductible?

Tax donation letters are available upon request or can also be sent by mail. We can only list the estimated used value of any item or 80% of the original retail price.

In the news!! (links to come)

 Loaner’s Closet Praise

  • “After recuperating from a broken hip, my mother was diagnosed with dementia and had to come to live with us. My mother’s favorite activity is walking and the rollator (walker with seat) we borrowed from you has made it possible for her to enjoy daily outings around our mobile home park.  The services you provide free of charge to the elderly and their caretakers  are PRICELESS, especially to those of us who are on fixed incomes”.  With appreciation, John & Renee D., Londonderry, NH
  • “I came to Community Caregivers because of a life-altering medical condition.  This wonderful organization was able to loan me medical equipment that saved me a considerable amount of money. You are probably aware that most medical insurance policies do not cover all or even close to what medical equipment may cost to a patient, whether it rented or bought. The equipment I was given helped me with my daily living. I could not get along without it.”  Sincerely, Andrea D., Hampstead, NH
  • “I am an Occupational Therapist at a local home care agency.  My job is to assist elderly clients with achieving the highest level of safety and functional independence within their home. In order to achieve this, medical equipment is often necessary to modify their home environment and increase their safety. As most people are aware, medical insurance is no longer funding the majority of medically necessary equipment for patients.  This elderly population is often unable to take on the financial burden of purchasing needed equipment and as a result, people are discharged home without the proper safety measures in place.  Without The Loaner’s Closet, I would often not be able to supply my patients with the equipment needed to ensure their continued safety.” Megan M. MS OT
  • September 4, 2013  Letter from Manchester Visiting Nurse Association
  • March 23, 2014, letter of gratitude from F.I.R.S.A.H.O

Click here to send us your words of gratitude or questions.

Join our Mailing List

About 3-4 times a month, our staff will send electronic mail to a growing list of frequent borrowers (such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, visiting nurses, social workers and case managers) to notify them of a specific/valuable item(s) we have in stock or items we are in great need of.  For example: Spreading the word about a Brand new Reclining Lift Chair that a local person is looking to donate quickly.

If you would like to be on this mailing list, please email  SUBJECT: ADD TO LC MAILING LIST

Other equipment resources if we do not have what you need:

Charron Med – 603-889-7220
Fall Safety Store & More – 603-881-8351
Fix-it Program – 800-856-5525 (wheelchair ramp program)
GetATstuff – 855-374-9969
Pediatric Equipment only – 603-818-1554
Preferred Health Choice – 866-722-4581
REQ – 800-483-0048 – 603-645-5200
REM – 800-932-5837

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