Volunteer Opportunities for Teens

This list was posted 10/22/2015. Call Caregivers for more info on assignments listed below, 603-432-0877

All towns

  • Service groups, large and small needed for fall yard work projects. This fall or next spring we also need folks who either have portable lawn mowers and weedwackers or want to show up and use the property owner’s.

  • Shovelers that can remove snow from cars, walkways and steps for our area seniors.


  • Partially paralyzed woman downtown needs help with shopping and light chores, dishes and organizing. Owns bunny.

  • Soft spoken female sought to help with house work for female in the Fairways. Bone, joint and pain problems. Has one cat, doesn’t smoke. Christian from upstate NY. Especially needs help with laundry in the basement and vacuuming. Still works two days a week.

  • 102 year old woman right near Pinkerton looking for someone to visit. Must be able to speak loud and like to talk.

  • Former nun and nursing home administrator looking for help around her condo, 1x a week. She loves to talk so leave some time for a visit.

  • Young adult female with MS who just moved to Derry September 1st is looking for someone to visit and clean once a week. Has three cats and smokes occasionally. Very laid back and appreciative. No heavy cleaning, just dishs, counters, cat litter and laundry.

  • Woman in Nutfield Heights near Hood School looking for help cleaning floors, changing sheets and bathroom 1 x a week. May have occasional errands at Walmart. Nice, talkative, good values, very appreciative and appropriate. Smokes outside. Likes crosswords, like company, lonely.

  • Long time client in the Derry Country Club Estates is now seeking help with chores. Can no longer afford service. Wed, Thurs, Saturday best. Female preferred. She other friendly visiting/errand match works at Pinkerton. Appreciates consistency and reliability with her matches.

  • Elderly go getter, next to Chen’s, looking for someone to operate her small snow blower after a storm and clean inside one time a month. Avid bird watcher, former VA nurse, no living family. Non-smoker, might get a cat soon for a companion.

  • Sweet older woman in Whispering Pines looking for help with trash removal, laundry and friendly visiting. Mormon faith.


  • Teen match who helped elderly woman in Vista Ridge has graduated. Need help cleaning once a week for 30 minutes.

  • Teen match who helped elderly woman on Chase Road has graduated. Need help cleaning and friendly visiting once a week for 1 hour.

  • Homebound man with severe heart condition and his wife, in North end of town, looking for someone to shovel walk, steps and clean up after plow after each storm.


  • Funny, lively woman in the Village Green Apartments looking for someone to help around her apartment (and do laundry in a separate building) this winter twice a month. Also needs help shoveling walk and car, going to post office box in East Hampstead, and the occasional errand.

  • Avid gardener, reader and painter in Emerson Village looking for help around the house twice a month and someone to shop for her once a month. Used to be foster mom for twenty years. Doesn’t smoke or have pets.

  • Elderly woman in Village Green Apartments looking for loud speaking female volunteer to help once a week with changing sheets, cleaning bathroom and floors, watering plants, taking out trash and getting mail.

  • Recent widow in her eighties in Granite Ridge looking for afternoon female visitor (loud speaker) and help with shopping and prescription pickups.

  • Cute elderly couple, married 62 years, in Emerson Village looking for someone to clean one time a month (vacuuming, windows, dusting).


  • Widow (married 63 years) who recently moved in with daughter in Windham looking for senior visitor. Loves bingo, cooking, crafts. Originally from Connecticut.

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