Volunteer Opportunities for Young People

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All Towns

Service groups, large and small, needed for spring/summer work projects. This summer we also need teens who either have portable lawn mowers and weedwackers or want to show up and use the property owner’s.

Elderly female near Shaw’s needs replacement teen laundry helper as hers is graduating soon. Time and day is flexible as long as you are consistent and reliable. Has flourished with teen matches for five years.

Gentleman in East Derry needs new volunteer. Had stroke two years ago and is doing remarkably well but has a few deficiencies still. Go one afternoon or evening a week and bring laundry up from the basement, then clean bathroom, vacuum, and take his Great Dane, Leo, out for a walk around the cul-de-sac. Non-smoker and very calm and personable.

Elderly woman in senior housing in Derry looking for someone once a week to vacuum, dust and clean bathroom. Family comes once a month for deep cleaning. Non-smoker and no pets. Married 63 years but husband is in nursing home (visits him M, W, F so T and Th would be better for visit.). Very sociable, used to engage constantly with neighbors but can no longer due to ambulation and steps to her unit.

Widower, and former avid skier looking for someone to visit with in the afternoons and go on outings together. Goes to McDonald’s each morning, but the afternoons pass very slowly. Doesn’t smoke or have children.

Elderly couple living near Calvary Christian Church in East Derry looking for help with light housekeeping once a week.  No pets and neither smokes.  He is a WWII vet, and she is an avid knitter and crafter.  He has bad arthritis, and she has poor eyesight.  You can’t get any nicer or more appreciative people than these two.  Any day or time except Tues/Wed.

Army Vet in Fairways looking for help with dog walking. First and last pee call of the day would be most helpful. 8AM or 8PM.

Elderly couple on High Range looking for cleaning help and friendly visiting. Also bringing heavy groceries from car and trash out on or before weekly trash pickup. Husband looking for a female to visit her. Loves card games, cribbage, needlepoint, shuffleboard and meal time. No smoke or pets.

Dog walker needed for Chihuahua on Auburn Road. Any day between 9AM and 12PM.

Dog walker needed for Pekinese in Vista Ridge Condos on Thursdays, Saturday or Sundays anytime. Owner does smoke.

Elderly woman near Senior Center looking for someone to clean up around small apartment (in-law) twice a month. Broken back and neck from minor crashing her car and totaling it. Raised children in Malden. No pets or smoke. Retired from fed. gov. and hotel industry.

Long-time client recently hospitalized looking for someone to help her do laundry in the community building and to run a vacuum. Great sense of humor, very thoughtful. No pets or smoke. Only two times a month. Used to be in social work herself. 

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